Woojin Copolymer considers happiness of global society very carefully

Supporting educational service

at Sub-Saharan region in Africa is on-going project

of the company's social responsibility at global spectrum.

Amuria Education Centre construction project

Republic of Uganda

School plate engraved with Woojin Copolymer company was introduced

in 2018

The students at Amuria Centre are welcoming KFHI staffs from Korea

in 2018

Woojin Copolymer signed in agreement that the company will start supporting a non-profit organisation in Korea, Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI) financially in the long term. The initiative was very inspirational as to all company staffs joined the individual supporting programme. 


Environment and Disability Foundation Korea

Seoul, Republic of Korea (South)

Environmental and Disability Foundation Korea is a non-profit organisation which support activities for sustainability and for helping neighbours who demand care from the society such as aged people living alone and under-privileged family, for example. In consideration of corporate social responsibility,


Woojin Copolymer supported the organisation financially for many years on monthly basis. The organisation recently changed the name to Environmental Disability Research Foundation Korea. 

Environmental Disability Research Foundation


Supporting an andragogical education institute

Cheon-An City, Republic of Korea (South)

Woojin Copolymer supported a higher education institute in Cheonan City, South Korea.


The purpose of the academic foundation was to grow future leaders who will give positive impact to the society by various activities engaging with people of diverse background.


In this regard, Woojin Copolymer was very much willing the support the organisation financially at monthly basis over many years. 

Industry - School cooperation agreement for employment

Sungnam City, Republic of Korea (South)

Upon inquiry from two high schools which have specialisation in training future field staffs at work places at Seongnam City, Woojin Copolymer gladly accepted to have cooperative agreement between industry and the school. 


The main purpose was to give positive impact to young students and share experience in practices on how business actually works. 

Woojin's staff visited the school and gave brief introduction of the company in consideration of meeting future staff of the company.

At the moment, two staffs from the high schools are now key performing members of Woojin Copolymer.

Seongbo HIgh School and Seong-il High School both in Seongnam City made agreement for industry and school cooperation in 2017 and in 2018 respectively.

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