safe plant initiative was activated

The company collects idea from staffs for Safe work place and now is the initiative that the company promoted for the staffs at plants.

Quality control

In terms of competitiveness of the products and satisfaction to customers, Woojin Copolymer considers quality control for top priority for the operation with sustainability together. 

In terms of competitiveness of the products and satisfaction to customers

ISO Certificate

In terms of quality control, Woojin Copolymer acquired ISO certificate with its standardised operations in production of our flame retardant products. 

We believe that the certificate is a proof that Woojin Copolymer complies with strict regulations and criteria that the government authorities require for the stable manufacturing operations. Therefore it was possible that the company continued to managing quality control as well as safe operation at work places in the two plants in in Shiheung and in Gunsan, Korea. 

Safe plant initiative

The safe plant initiative started in 2018 with recognition that our plant achieved no critical accidents for 1,000 consecutive days. The effort was appreciated by the CEO, Doo Won Han, and the most dedicated staff who managed safe operation was awarded. 

As all staffs understand very well about how safe operation has to be one of very high level priorities for the company, it was decided to promoted the campaign further in regular basis. 

In addition to the campaign, the company also started collecting useful information which might help preventing possible risks in operations that the company can activate its change management for innovation.

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