Corporate Identity logo design shows business philosophy and pursuit

of that Woojin Copolymer seeks for.

The first corporate identity logo design

WOOJIN Copolymer

Innovation for Safe Living

Newly developed corporate identity logo design in Jan. 2019

The first graphical illustrated image of the corporate identity logo on the left is introduced both in Korean and English language together. Two vertical shapes refer to the trust of two parties in the business with mutual respect. Shaking hands was the motif in the design.

The design successfully delivered positive image of the company to business customers and partnership companies though, due to changing time and growing emphasis on minimalism on design logo which delivers simplified impression to people who might have interests, with an intention to give very quick visual impression to potential customers and partners, it was finally decided to develop new corporate identity design and typeface design which delivers highly advanced image of the company was selected.

The company staffs expect that the minimal style which is also very trendy among global  multinational companies might appeal to young generations when recruiting talented asset and when having business meeting with future leaders in the global business. Furthermore, it is expected that the new logo design suits the best to the future business in the next decade.

WOOJIN Copolymer

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