Promised highly precise

and punctual logistics

and inventory management

Top class expertise staffs are now managing logistics and inventory of Woojin Copolymer which is now a biggest strength of the company. Satisfactory level has been enhanced with shipping and delivery that Woojin provided to the customers.  

Precise maritime shipping management

Extreme weather sometimes hinders shipping products that Woojin Copolymer produced particularly in monsoon season at latitude higher than equater in northern hemisphere. 


Furthermore, concentrated traffic of maritime shipping can be caused due to cultural traditions of different countries in terms of diversity. Depending on geological locations and religious reasons, if the location for shipping is not adjacent to where the products are produced, it is possible to encounter delay of shipment which is common issues in the global logistics industry. 

For many years of experience of shipping our products to global locations at large volume unit, the company is now using database which predicts possible risks of delay of shipment to our corporate customers. 

Continuously, the company pursue the optimised business management in logistics and inventory including shipping service. As a result, the company is capable to meet strict requirement to customer companies and also capable to reduce cost by managing optimal inventory in the company. Therefore, it is expected that the better performance by optimising holistic process of the business from logistics to manufacture. 

Optimal inventory management

Maintaining optimal volume in inventory is a key to cost cut and is possible to offer better condition to purchase to customers. In this regard, Woojin Copolymer complies with strict rule for the optimal inventory management which are to conduct 1) advanced sourcing and purchasing plan, 2) seeking for efficient transportation system and services, 3) forecasting product demand periodically, 4) placing and managing supplier purchase orders, 5) managing production schedules and 6) tracking inbound stock shipment delivery dates and other related issues altogether. 

Data backed decisions

The world changes quicker than ever since before. Therefore there is limitation to predict future businesses basing on empirical insight. However, it is possible to be prepared with the future with innovative technology which shows near-future trend such as expected demand of product, future market expectations and so on. Furthermore, twenty years of operations of Woojin Copolymer was capable to accumulate data of logistics services and the satisfactory level in the shipping products to global locations and domestic customers. The manner that Woojin Copolymer make decisions is very close to that any other multinational corporations do. And, it is because the staffs at Woojin Copolymer are highly experienced at global IT companies or trained very well as to become an expertise in the industry with many years of career. Woojin conducts collect data for business purpose regularly and analyze for the use of the business operations. 

Highly satisfactory customer service

Customer service seems a very different chapter from logistics though, the seamless operation in logistics, inventory and shipping management, as a result, leads very high level of satisfaction to corporate customers for Woojin Copolymer. In addition, all staffs involved in customer service are highly talented with good communication skills, good interpersonal skills and good foreign language skills in Chinese, English and Japanese to treat both existing partners and potential customers altogether. And, highly satisfying customer service which responds with prompt feedback to customers without hesitation is the strength point of the company. 

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