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Doo Won Han

Chief Executive Officer 

Woojin Coploymer was founded in 1998, specializing in the production of flame retardant products. Since establishment, we have strived to provide the most satisfying products with high quality to our customers.

With advanced technology, we have been producing brominated epoxy resin as well as brominated epoxy polymer, oligomer and the other chemical products altogether. At the same time, we have expanded our market share of flame retardant products both locally and globally.

The company witnessed a turning point for the business in 2010. We saw the opening of the second plant in Gunsan along with the Siheung Plant. For the measurement, our manufacturing capacity was greatly increased.

Through continuous investment in research and development since its establishment, we have gained huge breakthroughs in flame retardant technology. Our place in the electronic device market, including smartphones and tablet PCs, has grown exponentially, along with the continued increase in demand in the market. At the moment, Woojin Copolymer flame retardants are widely used in many electronic products made by the world’s most famous IT device manufacturers.

With our continued pursuance of 'Customer satisfaction' and 'Advancement in quality', the company has achieved ISO9001:2000 certification in 2002 and ISO 14001:2004 in 2011. Now Woojin Copolymer is aiming at further structure reform, quality upgrades and product development under our slogan: ‘New Woojin, Advancing Woojin and Global Woojin’.

CEO of Woojin Copolymer 

Doo Won Han

WOOJIN Copolymer

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